20.04 LTS

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Migrating to Ubuntu

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS was released recently and this point release was the trigger for many Ubuntu 18.04 users to receive an upgrade notification. This prompted me to think about Windows and macOS users that may also wish to migrate to Ubuntu but are unsure if their apps »

Apple Music on Ubuntu

Apple Music is available on all compatible Apple devices as well as on Windows and Android. However, there‚Äôs no dedicated app for Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution. Previously, Apple used to use iTunes as the platform for accessing Apple Music. This changed when Apple decided to split up »

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a MacBook Pro

I have a 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar running macOS Catalina. However, i've always wanted to install Ubuntu on it. Sadly, installing any of the versions of Ubuntu or several other Linux distros results in my MacBook's keyboard, track pad and SSD not being detected. I had given up »

My favourite apps for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released recently and I did my usual and clean installed it instead of trying to upgrade from 18.04 LTS, realize that something's shagged and then clean install anyway. The problem for me with clean installing is that I use several apps that are not »