So, you use a phone, a laptop and a desktop and each device uses a different email client. You would like to use the same client on each device but there's always one device that's not supported.

I use Windows, Ubuntu and macOS on a daily basis. I'm currently using an iPhone but I've moved back and forth between Android and iOS over the years. I've always been on the lookout for one email client that works on every device I use.

I was browsing around the net the other day, minding my own business when I stumbled upon BlueMail. It's a cross-platform email client that I'd never heard of before.

It supports iOS, Android, Windows, Ubuntu (snap, deb and rpm for Fedora) and macOS. I installed it on my MacBook to give it whirl. It seemed decent initially so I installed it on my Ubuntu and Windows desktops as well as on my iPhone.

So far, I've been impressed with the ease of setup, the clean interface and the similarity of the client across all various platforms.


BlueMail on Android
  • The first and probably my favourite feature is that it's free. There is of course paid for versions that are aimed at professionals and businesses but the free version works perfectly fine for me.
  • Push email: I used to enjoy this feature on the default iOS email client when using Gmail but Google disabled that functionality several years ago. It became a paid-for feature that BlueMail offers for free.
  • It's really easy to setup: I use Gmail so it was just a matter of logging in and once two-factor authentication was sorted out, I was up and running.
  • Unified Inbox: This is a fantastic feature if you use more that one email address. BlueMail chucks everything in one inbox arranged to seem like it was only one email inbox.
  • A calendar is integrated into BlueMail. It's very convenient and much nicer having it in the email client instead of jumping to a different app.
BlueMail Calendar


I've been using BlueMail for a very short period but I'm already at the point where I'm considering making it my default client across all my devices. It's been stable and I've had zero issues with it so far.

However, my only point of concern is that it seems like Blix Inc. keeps my emails on their servers to allow for the push feature. This sounds fine initially but then there's the worry that they're doing more than just giving me a free push feature: they're most probably going through my emails and then selling my personal data to fund their free plan.

This is something I'll investigate further and update this article the moment I have more details on this issue.